Saturday 7th October and Sunday 8th October, 2023


CONTROL: The tournament  organisers shall be the Controlling Body and shall have the power to adjudicate should any dispute arise and to make, alter or add to these conditions should it be necessary under all the circumstances and it’s decision shall be final.

GAMES: The competition shall be conducted over two days, Saturday & Sunday and comprise of 5 games of 16 ends duration – 2 hours 20 minutes or the bell.


First game                 9.30am to 11.50am

Lunch 40 minutes

Second game                       12.30pm to 2.50pm

20 minutes break Nibbles

Third game               3.10pm to 5.30 pm

SUNDAY (Only two (2) games played on Sunday)

Fourth game                        8.30am to 10.50am

20 minute break

Fifth game                11.10am to 3pm

 Lunch and Presentation



  • All games will be played in accordance with the laws of the sport of Bowls in Australia (Crystal Mark 4th edition)
  • TRIAL ENDS are not permitted
  • DEAD ENDS are to be replayed

A dead end occurring after the bell shall not be replayed

If play is disrupted, a game will be recognised as complete if the majority of matches for that round have played 10 or more ends. If not then that game shall be cancelled. Three completed games will constitute the tournament.

REPLACEMENT & SUBSTITUTE PLAYERS: All substitutes and/or replacement players must be authorised by the umpire of the day through the Controlling Body prior to play commencing in any game.

If, during the course of the competition, a team loses a player due to unforeseen circumstances, the Controlling Body may approve a substitute.


The scoring system is based on wins and margins

20 points for a WIN

10 points for a DRAW

0 points for a LOSS

DETERMINING THE WINNERS: the winning team shall be the one with the highest aggregate number of POINTS, with prize monies being paid from positions 1-6. In the event of points being equal, the winner is decided on the highest margin. If margins are equal, then the positions are counted as a draw and shall share the prize money for those positions.


Winners $4,000

Runners Up $1,800

Third $1,400

Fourth $1,000

Fifth $800

Sixth $600

Best Last Round $400

Entry fee is $400 per team.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF CONDITIONS: All players competing in this event acknowledge and accept these conditions of play.

SMOKING AREAS: Please observe the club’s conditions/rules in respect of smoking. Food shall not be consumed within the designated Smoking Areas.